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Shiras Devorah Tehilim Page

In Memory Of Devorah bas Avraham Feder OBM

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Last updated: 10.27.2009


  •   Adi bat Orit - was diagnosed with AVM - Artherial Venial malformation in her brain
·         Adide ben Rutie
·         Adina bas Chaya Ella - an elderly woman who is ill
·         Adina Bina Tzipora bas Minda Leah - recently had kidney transplant
·         Adom Rafael ben Malka - a policeman injured a terrorist attack.
·         Afrot bas Dayla - injured a terrorist attack.
·         Aharon Akiva ben Chaya Sara
·         Aharon ben Piyel - on life support after a car accident
·         Aharon ben Sara
·         Aharon Chanan ben Tzipporah Baylah - very ill
·         Aharon Dovid ben Elisheva - a 9 month old in a coma
·         Aharon Mattisyahu ben Brocha
·         Aharon Mordechai ben Rochel - an infant diagnosed with cancer
·         Aharon Shmuel ben Basya Leah
·         Aharon Yaakov ben Chava Leah
·         Aharon Yehuda Leib ben Gittel Feige
·         Aharon Yosef ben Raizel Perl - a baby boy who had surgery
·         Aharon Zev ben Esther
·         Al ben Sarah Imainu, grandparent who was in a serious car accident 
·         Alexander Ya'akov ben Ariel injured a terrorist attack.
·         Alicia bas Razel
·         Aliza bas Esther
·         Aliza Channa Devorah bat Malka - she is 12 years old suffering from cancer
·         Aliza Sarah bas Leah injured in a car accident
·         Alta Chaya Sora bas Ita
·         Alte Bracha Miriam bas Chaya Rachel - a 28 year old girl with cancer
·         Alter Avraham Chaim ben Chana - A great-grandfather,who has pneumonia and on a respirator
·         Alter Avraham Yitzchak ben Shulamit. awaiting a heart 
·         Amit ben Ayala - a 7 year old boy who was hit by a car a week ago, and is still unconscious.
·         Anat bas Gilah seriously injured in the terror attack in Adurah, is not recovered
·         Areyeh Noam Chaim ben Devorah Chana - a 16 year old boy who is suffering from a brain tumor.
·         Ari Refael ben Alte Chama - a 17 suffering from cancer
·         Ariela bas Hadassa Tzivia - injured in last week's bombing -
  • Ariela Brocho bas Taila Shoshanna a baby who has a very seriouse illness
·         Ariella Rivka bas Devora Pessel - 4 years old and suffered a seizure during a procedure 
·         Arik ben Orit - a chasan with Hodgkin's disease
·         Asael Yonah ben Rachel and Avia bas Rachel - the children of Rachel Shabo, a"h
·         Assaf ben Adina
·         Assaf ben Batya, the paramedic who stopped the bomber; is in serious condition,
·         Avi ben Sima - injured in the bombing at Café Rimon
·         Avi Meir ben Chana
·         Avigail bas Yonina - a little girl who had heart surgery
·         Avigail Rochel bat Rena Chana Rochel
·         Avigayil bas Na’ava (4 yrs old) victim of terror
·         Avital bas Ludmilla
·         Avraham ben Bluma - they found cancer cells in his colon
·         Avraham ben Chaya - 44 year old man who had a stroke
·         Avraham ben Esther
·         Avraham ben Java
·         Avraham ben Marga
·         Avraham ben Rachel
·         Avraham ben Sulha
·         Avraham Chay ben Shoshana - victim of terror
·         Avraham Dovid ben Yaffa
·         Avraham Elazar ben Hasiba, a new immigrant alone in Israel
·         Avraham Meir ben Rachel
·         Avraham Pinchas ben Rochel Leah
·         Avraham Rephael Eliyav ben Tzipporah Meryl - 20 years old in renal failure
·         Avraham Shmuel ben Chaya Raizel - running tests
·         Avraham Shmuel ben Raizel: young father with inoperable brain tumor
·         Avraham Sholom ben Sarah Breindel
·         Avraham Yitzhak Alter ben Shulamit – he is awaiting heart transplant
·         Ayala Lilach bas Ruth Rita - a young child with a brain tumor
·         Baruch ben Berta – second round of chemo
·         Baruch ben Rachel
·         Baruch ben Rella - a prominent Rav who has been in and out of the hospital recently.
·         Baruch ben Varda injured a terrorist attack.
·         Baruch Chaim ben Yehudit. - a young man undergoing brain surgery
·         Baruch Pesach ben Chana
·         Baruch Refael ben Miriam
·         Bas Sheva bas Esther Sheindel Yaffa
·         Bas Sheva bas Sheindel Golda – from New Square. victim of terror Her mother and 3 months old baby brother were killed
·         Basya Eliana bas Yehudit
·         Batsheva Braindel bas Esther Sarah, a young mother who had her 4th ceasarean today and in ICU
·         Batya bas Miriam
·         Bayla bas Fruma
·         Bayla Bracha bas Esther
·         Beerit Chana bas Orit - twin girls born to Orit bas Danielle
·         Ben-Zion ben Kaylah
·         Ben-Zion ben Leeba - 3 and half years old he was hit by a car 
·         Ben-Zion Eliyahu ben Liba Leah - A father of 11, had an Aneurysm during Shachris 
·         Ben-Zion Yechiel Michal ben Yaffa - His cancer has suddenly spread to his kidney, lung & brain. 
·         Beshalom Yosef ben Shlomit - injured in a jet skiing accident. In critical condition
·         Bessa Feiga bas Esther Malka
·         Bezalel Menachem Mendel ben Perel
·         Binyamin ben Devorah Chaya
·         Binyomin ben Miriam Fayga
·         Binyomin ben Susan - He is not well and they are trying a new treatment.
·         Binyomin Shalom ben Henya Fayga - critically ill
·         Boaz ben Yefet, - was shot near the entrance to Ateret 
·         Bobe Ester bas Rivka Golda
·         Boruch ben Berta
·         Bracha bas Baila
·         Bracha Channah Rivka bas Sora Bayla – 
·         Bracha Eta bas Masha - a lady with cancer of the eusophagus, stomach and lungs. 
·         Bracha Fayga bas Shaindel
·         Bracha Naomi Gittel bas Chassida Michal - 4-year old with Leukemia in need of a bone marrow transplant.
·         Brachah bas Bela Tzipora
·         Breindel bas Maryam
·         Brucha bas Chaya
·         Bryna Leah bas Shaindel
·         Chagit bas Ruth - a very ill 14 year old
·         Chaim ben Dinah
·         Chaim ben Esther Rochel
·         Chaim ben Gusa - beginning treatment for prostate cancer
·         Chaim ben Mina Leah - early fifties, with a degenerative disease MSA - Multi System Atrophy 
·         Chaim ben Riva  - prostate cancer
·         Chaim ben Sarah
·         Chaim ben Tziona Tzionit who is a tiny baby diagnosed with a rare disease
·         Chaim David Ezekiel ben Etta Leah
·         Chaim Dovid Moshe ben Rivka - was shot in the stomach
·         Chaim Gavriel ben Yehudis - brain tumor
·         Chaim Pinchas ben Elisheva  - cancer
·         Chaim Yehudah Shmuel ben Sarah Miriam
·         Chaim Yisroel ben Shprintza
·         Chana bas Chaya
·         Chana bas Esther - the sole survivor of the helicopter crash
·         Chana bas Esther Sheindel - she is 94 and has cancer.
·         Chana bas Golda
·         Chana bas Masauda Lydia - car accident
·         Chana bas Naomi Leah - injured a terrorist attack.
·         Chana Chansha bas Etel,
·         Chana Chassia bas Etta - tumor on the brain
·         Chana Esther bas Tova - undergoing surgery
·         Chana Gila bas Sarah
·         Chana Gitel bas Chaya Bracha - an 11 year old girl who is very ill
·         Chana Goldie bas Edith Bessy
·         Chana Leah bas Hindeh Sara
·         Chana Liora bas Hinda Chasha Chava - little girl of 2 who has just been diagnosed with cancer
·         Chana Rivka bas Fayga Chaya - recently diagnosed with lymphoma
·         Chana Shifra bas Bracha Perel, victim of terror 
·         Chana Tobe bas Fanni
·         Chana Tova bas Pesha, (Sabaaro) never regained consciousness, and remains comatose to this day
·         Chanan Alter ben Golda - he has advanced colon cancer
·         Chanan ben Sora
·         Chanan Yosel ben Chaya Yocheved
·         Chananya Yom Tov Lipa ben Etel
·         Chanoch ben Yehudit - an Israeli solider injured in Jenin
·         Chanon ben Mindel – a man in his forties with colon cancer
·         Charles ben Sorah - suffered a brain hemmorage
·         Charlie Shalom ben Denis - a young father of three in Israel, injured in a severe traffic accident
·         Chasha Riva bas Chana
·         Chasiah bas Chaya Sara - to continue to have good health
·         Chassa Chaya Basha bas Shoshana
·         Chasya Henya Mirell bas Feiga Riva - a young mother seriously injured in a car accident
·         Chava Alta Chaya bas Devorah Raizel - a 20 year old girl who fell and is now in a coma.
·         Chava Ariel bas Chanah - a 10 year old child having surgery
·         Chava bas Sivya Tamar - A young newly married woman with a form of Lymphoma.
·         Chava Chaya bas Malka Chana - had open heart surgery this week
·         Chava Odelia bas Ziva in critical condition, injured in bombing
·         Chaya Avital bas Michal
·         Chaya bas Esther Chana
·         Chaya bas Gitel - suffering from Breast Cancer
·         Chaya Blima bas Miriam
·         Chaya Chassa Basha bas Shoshana
·         Chaya Devora Leah bas Feige who has been diagnosed with throat cancer
·         Chaya Etel bas Rochel
·         Chaya Hinda bas Adina
·         Chaya Leah bas Duba
·         Chaya Meirav bas Sarah - a young mother of 6 underwent brain surgery
·         Chaya Miriam Rivka bas Rochel
·         Chaya Mushka bas Chava Elka
·         Chaya Riva bas Malka Brayner
·         Chaya Rivka bas Sarah Baila
·         Chaya Shlomit Esther bas Mimi
·         Chaya Yaffa Henna Yenta bas Rivka
·         Chaya Zelda bas Yeta 
·         Chaya Zohara bas Aviva
·         Cherut bas Livant - 5 years old, who was injured when her father was murdered in a terrorist attack.
·         Chesya Yetta bas Temma Ettel - a four-month-old with a brain tumor
·         Chezkiyahu Tzvi Ben-zion ben Feiga Perel
·         Daliah Yaelah bas Rachamah - 5 months pregnant and some complications with the baby
·         Daniel Aharon ben Yentl - father of two who has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer.
·         Daniel ben Ora (6 yrs old), victim of terror 
·         Daniel ben Sarah Imeinu seriously injured in Adurah when his wife was murdered
·         Daniel Sapir ben Yehudis Leah - a 14 year old boy who was hit by a car
·         Daniel Shmuel ben Shoshanah - he is battling esophageal cancer
·         Daniel Zalman ben Faige
·         Daniella bas Bracha  - recently had a relapse of a serious illness
·         David ben Carol
·         David ben Chava, victim of terror 
·         David ben Esther
·         David ben Sebjie
·         David ben Shoshana
·         David ben Yaroslava - is suffering from disseminated sclerosis
·         David Isser ben Malka
·         David Meyer ben Zelata - a 50 year old man, father of 4 who is having heart surgery
·         David Shlomo ben Miriam
·         David Tzvi ben Alka Devorah
·         Dekla Chana bas Dalya  - injured in a car accident
·         Devora Miriam bas Raizel
·         Devorah bas Chana - her lymphoma may be out of remission
·         Devorah bas Perel - a toddler diagnosed with cancer
·         Devorah bas Sara Eta
·         Devorah Bas Yenta
·         Devorah Daniella bas Carol - diagnosed recently with advanced cancer
·         Devorah Dina bas Malka
·         Devorah Tcherna bas Shulamis Asirya
·         Dina bas Leah
·         Dov ben Malka, who was injured in a shooting near his home.
·         Dov Ber Raphael ben Sara - close to 80 he was beaten during a mugging last week and is in ICU
·         Dvir ben Chana Dvora - injured in Eretz Yisroel
·         Dvir Nissan ben Esther  - boy who was shot by terrorists near Ofrah
·         Edna bas Yona - 35 years old, and has two young children - cancer and will start chemo soon.
·         Efraim Meir ben Malka Gittel - cancer
·         Efraim Mordechai ben Fradel Rena - a 20 year old bachur recently diagnosed with a brain tumor
  • Eitan ben Hi-Li Bracha - born two months ago, with a Septal Defect (known as a "hole") in his heart.
·         Elazer David ben Esther
·         Elchanan Avraham ben Mari Blumah
·         Elchonon ben Ora (6 weeks old), victim of terror 
·         Eli ben Dalia, 16, injured in the March 2nd attack in Beis Yisrael, is still in a coma.
·         Eliezer ben Devora Ita, a 30 yr. old father of four children who has been kidnapped
·         Eliezer ben Etel
·         Eliezer ben Miriam
·         Eliezer Chaim ben Dvora, a plumber from Emanuel who is the father of a large family,
·         Eliezer Moshe ben Shulamit - a 10 year old boy recently diagnosed with cancer.
·         Eliezer Yechiel ben Baila
·         Eliezer Yehonotan ben Tamar - a 20 year old recently diagnosed with advanced lung cancer
·         Eliezer Zusia ben Nechama 
·         Elisheva bas Miriam - mother of 3 with a brain tumor
·         Elisheva Rivka bas Sarah
·         Eliyahu ben Libb'e - complications after a kidney transplant
·         Eliyahu Jaim ben Feride
·         Eliyahu Leon ben Chana, a teenager from Emanuel, remains in serious condition.
·         Elka bas Chaya Sara
·         Elkah bas Pessia - recovering from hip replacement and heart surgery.
·         Emilia bas Paulina
·         Ephraim Meir ben Malka Gittel needs a lot of Tefillos
·         Eran ben Sima - critically injured in the bombing at Café Rimon
·         Esther bas Ana, a young girl with cancer
·         Esther bas Chaya Charna - 2 1/2-week-old premature infant who is very sick
·         Esther bas Na’ava (6yrs old) victim of terror
·         Esther bas Natalie
·         Esther Bracha bas Sonia - She is a 12th grader just diagnosed with a lump in her chest
·         Esther Chaya Sarah bas Etti Libby - breast cancer
·         Esther Rivka bas Chana Mindel had surgery this week - please keep her in mind
·         Esther Sharon bas Chana Raizel
·         Etah bas Sarah
·         Etel bas Leah - a mother of young children who has broken her back
·         Etel bas Sarah
·         Etel Devorah bas Toba Freida - she has cancer
·         Etti bas Ita Rachel - breast cancer
·         Eugine ben Gretta
·         Eva Miriam bas Zohara Jacqueline
·         Eyal ben Dina - in a coma after a car accident
·         Eyal ben Luba. ~ from the Meron bus bombing. He was left blind and deaf
·         Ezra ben Chana - he is 18 and in a coma after being hit by a car
·         Ezra ben Nizha
·         Ezra Jaim ben Rajel
·         Faiga bas Kayla
·         Faiga bas Sarah - dementia
·         Faiga Gittel bas Sara Leah
·         Faiga Pesha bas Golda Rachel suffering from multiple sclerosis, blind 
·         Faiga Rifka bas Chipa Gita
·         Fany bas Tanya
·         Felix ben Bahie
·         Fishel Pinchas ben Lifshe
·         Fortuna bas Bedrie
·         Fraide Tzeral bas Rochel - pregnancy complications
·         Fraydel bas Chana
·         Freida bas Genya
·         Freme Ruchama bas Leike
·         Frimit Yehudit bas Dvorah
·         Gad Aharon ben Tzipporah Devora. - little boy who has been in need of a bone marrow transplant
·         Gavriel ben Dina - he has a malignant brain tumor
·         Gavriel Moshe ben Ora Yehudit - a 9 year old boy recently diagnosed with leukemia
·         Gershon Dov Ber ben Freida
·         Gershon Naftali ben Esther Faiga
·         Gidon Dov ben Yehudis an 18 year old boy with a 2nd bout with cancer. 
·         Gila bas Shoshana - a young married girl suffering from SUSAC disease.
·         Gittel Miriam bas Bryna Leah
·         Gladis Zulema Victoria bas Amelia
·         Hadar bas Sarah - the Israeli guard in Afula who was injured during an attack
·         Hadassa bas Feeby
·         Hadassa Chana bas Sara Risha - a six year old with CF who is not doing well.
·         Hadassah bas Leah - a young girl who was injured in an amusement park - in very critical condition
·         Hallel Nissan bas Orit
·         Hamutal bas Tzila, was moderately injured shooting attack by terrorists
·         Hayim ben Miriam
·         Henna Kaila bas Etah
·         Henna Kaila bas Etel
·         Henya bas Miriam
·         Henya Gittel Miraim bas Bryna Leah
·         Hodel Shmuela bas Sara Chana - a young mother and the only surviving child battling cancer.
·         Ilan Zecharia ben Chaya  - hit by a drunken driver last week and had emergency brain surgery.
·         Ilana Helena bas Dvora, from Elon Moreh - was seriously wounded at the bus stop outside Ariel
·         Ionatan ben Roitel
·         Iosef ben Afife
·         Ita Malka bas Feiga Leah
·         Ititel Chisdai ben Elisheva
·         Itzjak Iejezkel ben Sara
·         Jaia Sofia bas Alba
·         Jaim Imanuel ben Debora
·         Janet bas Millia
·         Josef ben Shula
·         Joshua ben Sarah
·         Karen bas Miriam
·         Karen Yehudit bas Bracha
·         Kasriel Shmuel ben Rochel
·         Kayla Chaya bas Shaindle Malka
·         Kayla Menucha bas Ita - serious spine surgery
·         Kaylah bas Basha
·         Keli bas Gila
·         Khatoon bas Naima
·         Lazar Yaakov ben Shaindel - a five month old baby with a rare illness
·         Lea bas Chana
·         Lea bas Yemile
·         Leah bas Aliza
·         Leah bas Chava and her daughter
·         Leah bas Esther
·         Leah bas Zipporah
·         Leah Brucha bas Ruchel
·         Leah Gittel bas Fruma Perel
·         Leah Rina bas Rivka
·         Leah Sara bas Chana, an older couple from New York, who were in Israel 
·         Leah Sarah bas Brucha
·         Leibish Reuven ben Rochel Tcherka - major surgery this week
·         Leora Chasiya bas Yehudit
·         Levi Yitzchak ben Sara
·         Lili bas Gila
·         Lior ben Esther, age 27, wounded in Neve Yaacov terrorist attack receiving a bad leg wound
·         Lital Bas Ronit - a young woman diagnosed with cancer while pregnant.
·         Maira bas Devorah
·         Malka bas Hannah and Eliyahu ben Avraham - that all things should be well.
·         Malka bas Neomi  - hoping to conceive
·         Malka bas Shulamit
·         Malka Chana bat Rachel Rut a young woman, with metastasized lung cancer,
·         Malkiel ben Ester - prostate cancer
·         Margalit Shoshana bas Rachel Chasida
·         Marina bas Alla
·         Maryam bas Leibe
·         Masha Leah bas Sarah Tsiryl who has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
·         Matanya ben Sarah, victim of terror 
·         Mattisyahu ben Nechama
·         Mattisyahu Benyamin ben Rochel Leah
·         Mazal bas Alice
·         Meir ben Gila (6yrs old) victim of terror
·         Meir Dovid ben Mala Faiga being removed
·         Meir Moshe ben Draizel Mierka - needs a refuah
·         Meir Zev ben Rachel Leah
·         Meirav ben Ora (7 yrs old), victim of terror
·         Menachem ben Rochel
·         Menucha Brocha bas Ilana - an 18 month old with cancer
·         Merril bas Rivka
·         Mesodi bas Frecha
·         Micha'el Gershon ben Chava - very critical matzav
·         Michah ben Hadassah, was injured when a mine blew up near his leg while doing reserve duty
·         Michal bas Yael - 13 year old girl just diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her brain
·         Mindel Pessie bas Serenna Menucha: a young mother, just post mastectomy
·         Mirel bas Zelda
·         Miriam bas Shoshana Bayla
·         Miriam bas Shulamit
·         Miriam bas Tilly - 100 years old (bli ayin hara) and just broke her
·         Miriam bas Yaffa
·         Miriam bas Zohara
·         Miriam Bluma bas Rachel
·         Miriam Channa bas Simcha Chiah - she was in a car accident and could not feel one of her legs.
·         Miriam Chaya bas Freida -seriously injured in the Sbarro bombing in which she lost her mother
·         Miriam Rivka bas Rochel is now Chaya Miriam Rivka bas Rochel
·         Mirrele bas Rivka
·         Mordechai ben Alta Chashka--he had a stroke and is not doing well
·         Mordechai ben Chaya Shaina Suffering from: "Incurable" Lymphoma
·         Mordechai ben Shaltant - He has a bullet lodged by his kidneys. He is in ICU
·         Mordechai Yermeeyahu ben Sara- He is having open heart surgery
·         Mordejai ben Rajel
·         Mordichai ben Lea Shulamit Brayne
·         Moshe ben Alexandra - A 17 year old boy in intensive care. Very badly burned.
·         Moshe ben Fibi and Aviah bat Tamar - father and daughter badly burned last week
  • Moshe ben Menya Nesha
·         Moshe ben Menya Nesha
·         Moshe ben Pnina - had surgery this week
·         Moshe ben Rachel - injured a terrorist attack.
·         Moshe ben Rivka
·         Moshe Chaim ben Baila Shayna Shifra – 2 year old with a heart defect who is very sick 
·         Moshe Chaim ben Hadassah Yetta Pesha (14 yrs old and in wheelchair)
·         Moshe Dovid ben Chaya Baila, a twelve year old boy
·         Moshe Mordechai ben Lea Shulamit Braine
·         Moshe Mordechai ben Shulamit Breinah - 9 year old in critical condition
·         Moshe Pascal ben Rachel
·         Moshe Yaakov ben Yuta -
·         Moshe Yerachmiel ben Raizel
·         Moshe Yeshayahu ben Sara - an eight year old diagnosed with a brain tumor
·         Moshe Yosef ben Golda Chana - his heart is failing
·         Moshe Yosef ben Malka Brayner
·         Moshe Yoseph ben Shayneh Sara
·         Na’ava bas Ne’ima victim of terror
·         Nacha Baila bas Yehudis Leah ~ 6years old in intensive care with pnemonia and complications:
·         Nachman ben Chaya - recovering from bypass surgery on his thigh.
·         Nachum ben Chana - suffered a stroke
·         Naftali ben Shaina
·         Naftali Hertz ben Esther Malka - he had a minor heart attack
·         Naftali Yaakov ben Shifra Shaula
·         Naomi Amelia bas Isabel Simbol
·         Natan ben Bazehto - a Border Guard critically injured
·         Nechama Leah Michal bas Ester Raizel is on a respirator & will be getting a lung transplant
·         Nechama Ofra bas Leah - cancer
·         Nechama Sarah Chana bas Basha Rochel
·         Nehama Faigel Shoshana bas Rochel - a young girl who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour
·         Neria Zimra Shlomit bas Jaffa - diagnosed once again with cancer
·         Nesanel ben Shoshana victim of terror
·         Nesha Sarah bas Mara Devorah Simcha - a new born with cysts in her lung
·         Netanel Yaakov ben Devorah Yehudit, 16, whose skull was fractured 
·         Noach Yehuda Areya ben Yeuhudis Ariella  - suffering from blood cancer
·         Noam Chen bat bas Ayelet 2 year old
·         Noam Yair Yeshaya ben Shoshana  - newborn born with a hole in his heart
·         Nosson ben Yehudis Baila  - had surgery last week for a brain tumor
·         Nosson Emenuel ben Nechama Chana
·         Odelia Chaya bas Gita Sarah - a four year old with a brain tumor who had surgery last week
·         Ora bas Chava victim of terror
·         Orit bas Daniela - she is pregnant and has been diagnosed with lymphoma
·         Orit bas Meri from Beit Chaggai, was shot in the hand while driving with her small children. 
·         Orli bas Ora (5 yrs old), victim of terror 
·         Paulina bas Bedfra
·         Penina bas Miriam
·         Perel bas Devora - 50 yr old mother of four with a serious recurrance of cancer.
·         Perel bas Neitcher Chana
·         Perel bas Rivkah has greatly improved being removed
·         Perel Brainah bas Rina Dvorah
·         Peretz ben Elkah - having open heart surgery
·         Peretz ben Ettel Dina
·         Perlina bas Juana
·         Pesach Peretz ben Tzivia
·         Pinchas ben Malka
·         Rachel bas Hadasah
·         Rachel bas Malka
·         Rachel bas Tsila - a young woman who fell off a roof in Tzefas
·         Rafael Binyamin Elimelech ben Shoshana Raizel Sarah
·         Rafael Shachman ben Bessie - diagnosed two months ago with stage 4 lung cancer
·         Rafael Yitzchak Dovid ben Chana Leah
·         Raisel bas Masha is Reesel bas Masha Slava
·         Raizil bas Chaya Dvoira
·         Ram ben Brana Beatriz
·         Refael Alta Ben Zion Ben Kayla
·         Refael Chaim Zev ben Rachel
·         Refael Chaim Zev ben Rachel - in critical condition
·         Refael Michael Yitzchak ben Nechama Sarah -, 22 year old has cystic fibrosis and is very,sick.
·         Refael Yisroel Yackov ben Chedva Rivka Fraidel is a 5-yr-old who is not doing well
·         Refael Yitzchak David ben Chana Leah
·         Reuven Tuvia ben Miriam Brina
·         Rifka Rena Nistara Ester bas Nahora Malya Faiga Gittel - injured in the last bus bombing
·         Rina Altah bas Tanya Michal -
·         Rina bas Tzilla - an infant girl with major complications
·         Rina Shira bas Masal
·         Riva bas bas Sheva
·         Rivka bas Hinda Alta - colon cancer
·         Rivka bas Perel - having further chemotherapy.
·         Rivka bas Tziril
·         Rivka Leah bas Mindel
·         Rivkah bas Menucha - leukemia
·         Rochel bas Churia, who was injured in one of the Emanuel bus attacks, is undergoing surgery
·         Rochel bas Leah ~ receiving from Cornea transplant but who has rejected many times
·         Rochel Chana bas Sharona Miriam - she is suffering from a recurrence of Hodgkins
·         Rochel Chava bas Pesyah - an elderly woman with Parkinson's
·         Rochel Esther bat Batya Malka
·         Rochel Hanna bas Carmen
·         Rochmiel Yosef Rachamim ben Mariyasha Rochel
·         Rossete bas Alice
·         Ruchama bas Rivka - 10 days old, born with a missing valve in her heart
·         Ruchama Chana Brocha bas Chasya Henya Mirell - her daughter - injured in the same accident
·         Ruchama Leah Taiby bas Rut Faige
·         Ruchama Naomi Reena bas Bracha Leah
·         Ruchama No'omi bas Chava
·         Ruchama Rachel bas Tamar. a young single woman with ovarian cancer and a tumor in her stomack
·         Ruchama Rivka bas Bracha - a 10th grader with Leukemia
·         Ruchel bas Kaylah
·         Rujama Zelja bas Aliza
·         Rus Miriam ben Gittel
·         Rut bas D’yamonti
·         Ruth bas Beatrice - cancer
·         Ruth bas Dina
·         Ruth Shoshana bas Esther
·         Sabrina Serena bas Ana Raquel
·         Sagi ben Chava - injured in Shavei Shomron
·         Samantha bas Bracha
·         Sara Aidel bas Rivka
·         Sara bas Alter
·         Sara bas Blima - breast cancer
·         Sara bas Bruria - a Jewish girl who has been involved with missionaries 
·         Sara bas Chaya
·         Sara bas Faiga
·         Sara Chana bas Beila, a mother of 4 with severe breathing problems, lung collapsed
·         Sara Leah bas Chana
·         Sara Penima bas Devorah Zelda - a 4 month old baby who has meningitis and Pneumonia
·         Sara Yitta bas Dina
·         Sarah bas Chana
·         Sarah bas Chaya
·         Sarah bas Devora
·         Sarah bas Pat
·         Sarah bas Rachel - a 10 year old with sever migraines which are causing vision problems
·         Sarah bas Rivka - intensive care
·         Sarah bas Sarah Imeinu
·         Sarah Chana bas Mariyasha
·         Sarah Malka bas Chaya Devorah –the cancer has returned she is having surgery
·         Sarah Yitah bas Leah  - a high school senior with throat cancer
·         Shabsi ben Chaya Rivka who has a brain tumour
·         Shaina Miriam bas Elka Yocheved - injured in the shooting in Yerushalayim 
·         Shaindel bas Chaya
·         Shaindel bas Rivka Chana - for what we refer to as yishuv hadaas
·         Shaindel bas Shifra - cancer
·         Shalom ben Chaya Mirel Yitta
·         Shalom ben Tamara
·         Shalom Dov Ber ben Rachel
·         Shalom Simchah ben Rivkah
·         Shalom Yosef ben Malka Golda
·         Sharon ben Gila - A 22 year old boy. He has only use of one hand.
·         Sharona Rivka bas Rina Yehudit
·         Shayna bas Bayla - she has lymphoma
·         Shayna bas Yitta
·         Shayna Chaya bat Etta Leah, mother and grandmother, who had heart surgery
·         Shayna Rochel bas Devorah
·         Shelo Semion ben Feiga
·         Shemuel Daniel ben Elisheva Rachel
·         Sheva Hentcha bas Rochel
·         Shifra bas Gila (9 yrs old) – victim of terror 
·         Shifra bas Rivka
·         Shimon ben Ruchama
·         Shimon David ben Zelda - injured in car accident
·         Shimon Wolf ben Freida Esther
·         Shira bas Galit - three year old who was injured in a shooting attack
·         Shira bas Ora (18 months old) victim of terror
·         Shira bat Miriam
·         Shira Leah bas Soro  - a child who had orthopedic surgery
·         Shira Tova bas Sara Gutka  - a young mother who recently had a stroke
·         Shirit bas Chemda - they were both shot this week in Shavei Shomron
·         Shlomo Aryeh Leib ben Rochel Feiga -15 year surgery for a blood clot in his brain
·         Shlomo ben Gertzel - injured in the attack in Netanya had his right hand and foot amputated.
·         Shlomo ben Helen  - hurt in a car crash in Israel
·         Shlomo ben Heschl
·         Shlomo ben Miriam, age 30, wounded in the Meah Shearim bombing [lost one hand below the elbow
·         Shlomo ben-Zion ben Freyda - a young father recently diagnosed with AHS -
·         Shlomo Menachem ben Liba Kraindel
·         Shlomo Menachem ben Liba Kraindel
·         Shlomo Tzvi ben Brocha
·         Shmarya Yosef Chaim ben Pesha Miriam
·         Shmaya ben Basya Gittel - a young father of 12 with heart trouble
·         Shmuel ben Devora
·         Shmuel ben Faige - he has heart problems, and they suspect that he also has cancer
·         Shmuel ben Rachel
·         Shmuel ben Raizel  - brain tumor
·         Shmuel ben Tila  - He is suffering from Bladder cancer
  • Shmuel Tuvia ben Hentshe
·         Shmuel Yisroel Chaim ben Yocheved Ahuva  - 18 yrs. old, and suffering with Lung Cancer
·         Shmuel Yudel ben Faiga
·         Shoshana bas Chana - suffering with gangrene in her leg
·         Shoshana bas Ettel
·         Shoshana bas Fanny
·         Shoshana bas Miriam Pesa
·         Shoshana Malka bas Avraham Avinu - inoperable tumor
·         Shoshana Raizel bas Matel
·         Shoshana Raizel bas Chana Shifra (5 months old), victim of terror
·         Shoshana Raizel Yittel bas Rivka
·         Shoshana Yehudis bas Frayda Perel
·         Shraga Feivel Aryeh Leib ben Chava Rashka - had a stroke
·         Shulamis bas Chayoh Bunoh
·         Shulamis bas Nina
·         Sima bas Henya – Mother of the 16yrs old girls who was killed victim of terror
·         Simcha Baila bas Chaya - suffering from breast cancer
·         Simcha bas Monique, and Hila bas Rachel - both injured in a drive by shooting
·         Simcha ben Chana Perl
·         Simcha Binyamin ben Esther Miriam.
·         Simcha Moshe ben Basya - a husband and father of 7 in his early 40's diagnosed with cancer
·         Sinai ben Shoshanna  - was in the Moment café bombing, has shrapnel all over his body.
·         Sora Aidel bas Rivka
·         Sora bas Perel - she was hit by a car Monday night, has two broken legs,
·         Sorah bas Rasha
·         Sorah bas Rivka
·         Stella bas Bracha
·         Talya Baila bas Tzipporah - a 3 1/2 year old with cancer.
·         Tamara bas Hinda - a young girl with cancer
·         Tikva Amal bas Nema - 
·         Tinoch ben Bat Zion
·         Tinok ben Tzippora Rachel - a premie who needs our Tefillos
·         Tinokes bas Batsheva Braindel is also in intensive care with a bacterial infection.
·         Tinokes bas Leah
·         Toba Feige bas Bracha
·         Tobah Freida bas Golda
·         Tova bas Chana Bayla
·         Tova Bas Devorah
·         Tova bas Pessiah
·         Tova Gittel bas Soroh Rivka
·         Tzeela bas Chana Perel-She was just diagnosed with cancer and a very skeptical prognosis.
·         Tzila bas Rina who was seriously wounded in last night's shooting attack by terrorists.
·         Tzipora bas Tehiya- injured in an Arab attack in which she lost her mother. Paralyzed from the waist down.
·         Tziporah bas Chana
·         Tziporah bas Chaninah – mother of nine diagnosed with emphazema
·         Tzivia bas Shoshana Baila
·         Tzivia Shira Ahuva bas Tzipora -an infant contracted virus at birth in very serious condition
·         Tzodoik ben Rivka Hinda
·         Tzvi Aron ben Chana Raizel - undergoing tets for blurred vision
·         Tzvi ben Fayga - a 77 yr suffering from coughing and seizures
·         Tzvi ben Fraidel
·         Tzvia Zalda bas Eta
·         Uri Chaim Yosef ben Devorah
·         Uriel ben Rajel
·         Uriel ben Tamar - a five year old boy hit by a car this week.
·         Usher Anshil ben Chaya Roiza
·         Velvel ben Dora
·         Villya bas Feiga
·         Ya’akov Yisroel ben Elisheva Rachel (5yrs old) victim of terror
·         Ya’ir ben Elisheva Rachel (7 yrs old) victim of terror 
·         Yaacov ben Geula  - heart valve replacement
·         Yaacov Yosef ben Chya Leah
·         Yaakov ben Chana
·         Yaakov ben Chava who has had a stroke
·         Yaakov ben Devorah Nira victim of terror
·         Yaakov Berel ben Miriam Esther.
·         Yaakov Lieber ben Sarah Rochel
·         Yaakov Moishe ben Sarah
·         Yaakov Simcha ben Chaya Rochel
  • Yaakov Yosef ben Chaya Chana
·         Yackov Aryeh ben Chaya Rivkah - injured in a car accident
·         Yacova Shoshana bas Sheini – 
·         Yael bas Edna
·         Yael Yehudis Sara bas Sima- a young woman was recently diagnosed with a serious illness
·         Yaffa Beila bas Perel - recently diagnosed with breast cancer
·         Yair ben Rivka
·         Yakira Rina bat Feiga Bracha is a ten month old who fell down a flight of stairs yesterday
·         Yakov ben Sara
·         Yakov ben Sara
·         Yakov Chaim ben Shulamis Asirya
·         Yechezkel Yehuda ben Chana Leah - just diagnosed with prostate cancer
·         Yehonatan ben Malka. - Jonathan Pollard 
·         Yehoshua ben Abraham
·         Yehoshua ben Chaya  - a father of young children who has a disease 
·         Yehoshua Nosson ben Leah - He is 25, has 2 collapsed lungs and is on a respirator; asthma & pneumonia
·         Yehoshua Tzvi ben Ita - a young father of two not doing well
·         Yehoshua Yissochor Yosef ben Chaya Rifka - a 4 year old boy who is in a coma
·         Yehuda Aryeh ben Henna Gellah
·         Yehuda ben Bracha
·         Yehuda ben Chashie Rachel – Suffering from Multiple Sclarosis - MS
·         Yehuda ben Rachel
·         Yehudah ben Faiga                                                                                       
·         Yehudah Chaim ben Rochel
·         Yehudah Moshe ben Sharon Roza
·         Yehudah Tzvi ben Elishevah
·         Yehudah Yitzchak Isaac ben Silka Frahdl
·         Yehudis bas Chana Shifra (6 yrs old); victim of terror
·         Yehudis bas Chana Sima
·         Yehudis bas Feiga
·         Yehudis bas Gittel
·         Yehudis bas Golda
·         Yehudis bas Rachel - a mother, of 14 children, who has been diagnosed with cancer.
·         Yekusiel Yehudah ben Malka
·         Yeshayahu Yitzchak ben Frida Malka
·         Yeshua ben Masauda Lydia - her brother who was injured in an accident
·         Yeshua Herschel ben Rivkah, nine year old who was seriously injured in the shooting attack in Hebron.
·         Yetta Tzivia bas Bina grandparent who was in a serious car accident
·         Yirmiyahu Micha'el ben Kayla - a young man recently engaged who is battling cancer
·         Yisachar Dov ben Shoshanah Roza - a six yr old suffering from multiple burns, currently in ICU
·         Yisroel Avraham ben Sara
·         Yisroel Avrohom ben Mattil – 53 yrs old father victim of terror
·         Yisroel ben Chaya - he has Parkinson's and has now broken his hip
·         Yisroel ben Devorah
·         Yisroel ben Mindel
·         Yisroel ben Pessa Rochel
·         Yisroel Dovid ben Shaindel Pessel
·         Yisroel Meir ben Rochel Henya a young baby with menegitis.
·         Yisroel Meir ben Tova Chaya - a young boy who was in a car accident on his way to school.
·         Yisroel Shimon ben Avraham
·         Yisroel Tzvi ben Malka
·         Yisroel Zalman ben Shoshana Chai
·         Yittil bas Chana - a 42 year old recently diagnosed with breast cancer
·         Yitzach Zvi ben Matya, 37 yr. old father of 3 who was seriously injured in the #6 bus bombing
·         Yitzak Chaim ben Esther
·         Yitzchak ben Chana - he has just discovered that he has a malignant tumor in his head.
·         Yitzchak ben Ita Faiga
·         Yitzchak ben Miriam - had open heart surgery on Wednesday
·         Yitzchak ben Rivka - a young father recently diagnosed with cancer
·         Yitzchak ben Shalbea
·         Yitzchak Issac ben Raizel
·         Yitzchok Dovid ben Yocheved
·         Yitzchok Yehudah ben Hilda
·         Yoav ben Chaya
·         Yocheved bas Libe
·         Yocheved Sharon bas Ruth an infant who is on a respirator and in need of tefilos.
·         Yona bas Draizel
·         Yonah bas Shirlee
·         Yonina Chasya bas Sara - cancer
·         Yosef ben Karena - colon cancer
·         Yosef ben Orah Yittle  - a very ill baby
·         Yosef Chaim ben Simcha (HaRav Sitruk, Chief Rabbi of France) had a stroke.
·         Yosef Eliyahu ben Malka Ita - the frum solider injured in Iraq
·         Yosef Mendel ben Rhina Devorah - Jeff Seidel, the great tzaddik of Yerushalayim
·         Yosef Zalman ben Shoshana - a 4 1/2 month old suffering with possible kidney failure
·         Y'rachmiel Yacob ben Brina Liebe - in ICU
·         Ysrael ben Miriam
·         Yuri ben Miriam - he has lung cancer
·         Zalmen Leib ben Raylah
·         Zelda bas Chaya Elka
·         Zelda Nechama bas Perele
·         Zelig Yankel ben Yetta - suffered a stroke and has not regained consciousness yet
·         Zev ben Sara Tzipora
·         Zev ben Shifra
·         Zeva bas Fayga Devorah - a new born baby with a serious heart defect
·         Zissel bas Pessa Rochel
·         Ziv Yitzchak ben Orna - 3 year old little boy who needs a biopsy for a growth on his face.
·         Zvi ben Ghita
·         Zvi ben Itta Feiga
·         Zvi Hersh ben Layai

Two girls held against thier will in Italy:

  • Danielle bas Talia

  • Nitzan Devorah bas Talia

Ten Jews still being held in Iran:

  • Asher ben Shaltnat
  • Daniel ben Suryah
  • Farhad ben Hamdam
  • Farzad ben Aseret
  • Nasser Yaacov Levi ben Poren
  • Paramaz ben Aseret
  • Ramon Farzam
  • Ramon Namati
  • Shahroch ben Shahnaz
  • Yaakov ben Mohatram

Missing Israeli Soldiers:

Y  Binyamin ben Edna

Y  Adi ben Tzippora

Y  Omar ben Chadra

Israeli MIA's:

Y  Guy Chaim ben Rena

Y  Elchanan ben Rivka

Y  Ron ben Basya

Y  Tzvi ben Penina

Y  Yekutiel Yehuda Nachman ben Sara

Y  Zecharya Shlomo ben Miriyam


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